Simple & repeatable promotion for your business.

You can sell more online without being pushy or spamming potential customers

(and it takes just a few minutes to get started).

When a customer comes to you and places an order it feels great…

 You punch the air, do a little dance and can’t stop smiling. 

The confidence boost you get knowing that someone LOVES what you do is amazing.

Any fear that your shop will fail or anxiety that what you do isn’t good enough melts away. 

You have a paying customer who wants to place an order!

Isn't that the best feeling?

But getting those orders rolling in, isn’t easy. 

It’s tough out there and when you’re an indie David going up against Goliath-like big businesses and multi-million pound supermarkets, it feels even harder.

I firmly believe however that together we’re stronger. 

Acting together, small shops can make a BIG impact. 

So firstly, thank you…

Thank you for visiting the site and showing interest in this project. 

& if you’ve submitted a gift idea, thank you again, for joining our community and sharing an idea. 

You’re making our community stronger and you’re providing real value to gift seekers. 

By getting here, you’ve already taken the first step in promoting your products and selling more online. 

Your time is precious, so supercharge your effort!

The next step is to supercharge that effort and promote your entire business and brand.

To increase your chances of making a sale buyers have to know, like and trust you.

That means giving them more than just products. 

With a “Shop Profile” people can find out more about what you do and why they should buy from you.

Fifteen years experience & counting

A few weeks ago I received an email from a lady who wanted to buy a product she’d seen on The Online Gift Guide’s trade-focused sister site, Card & Gift Network.

Well, in truth, she wanted 300!

& even though it wasn’t my product, I wasn’t going to see a penny or get a commission, I was so excited. 

I’d helped a small business I liked get an order worth £3,897.00.

It wasn’t the first time I’d got an email like that (and I know it won’t be the last) but it still made my day, because it proved there was another way to sell. 

There was a way to sell (and sell big) without being pushy; Instead you could “pull” customers in with valuable content. 

With gift ideas we do this on a small scale; we help solve gifting dilemmas.

With shop profiles, we can go big, supercharge our efforts and promote an entire business 24/7. We can show experience, expertise and value without being spammy. 

Make it Easier for Shoppers to Find You...

Adding a shop profile makes it easier for buyers to find you, and buy from you. You’ll be seen in the Shops page, in Shop Categories and in Shop Trails. A Shop profile will also link all your gift ideas together; Increasing the chances of your products being seen and increasing the chances of people placing an order.

Show The What You Do Best...

They say a “picture is worth a thousand words” and with your shop profile you can paint the picture of your business. You can use behind the scenes images or even upload a video to help customers get to know you better.  

Reach Your ideal Niche Customers

The Shops Directory has “Smart Search” technology, which gives you the chance to reach niche customers, even if they’ve never heard of your company. Unlike regular directories our smart search means your whole profile is searchable, not just your name and category. Giving you the chance to reach the niche customers who are most likely to be your biggest fans.

Wow Buyers with Events and Offers

Customers love the excitement and value that events and offers bring. People are spending less and to encourage people to buy you need to create enticing offers and experiences. With our Shop Profiles you can wow buyers by adding your own offers and events.  

Build Trust with Buyers...

The last piece of the buying puzzle is trust. Simply, you’ll make more sales online if people trust you. With a shop profile you can build that trust. Your business profile lets you tell buyers exactly who you are, what you offer, when you’ll deliver and the quality you guarantee.

And Remember!
No Cost Per Click & No Commission...

By upgrading you pay a small annual fee that helps support the site and keep it running. There’s no “cost per click” on any of the traffic and there’s no commission on any sales you make. 

Adding your shop is as simple as 1...2...3!

Creating a Shop Profile for your business is just 3 easy steps:

1. Choose a business listing & plan.

2. Fill out a listing form.

3. Pay securely by credit or debit card.

There’s no tech experience needed or algorithm to learn. 

If you can fill out forms and click buttons you can do this!

This is the actual form you’ll fill out; it really is that easy.

In 10 minutes your business could be ready to welcome a brand new audience.

Imagine how your day would be different if more customers came to you.

If shoppers could find you listed in the directory or see your latest offer on the weekly mailer and contact you. 

You’d be drawing people to you again and again.

You could use the time you save to create new products. 

Or dedicate time to cracking the secret algorithms on Facebook and Instagram. 

You could even go to the movies or out for gelato. 

How much does it cost to promote your shop for an entire year?

With social media ads, Google Adwords or glossy magazines we’d be thinking hundreds, even thousands of pounds

But that won’t do. We want this to be an option for every card & gift retailer; even the ones just starting out. 

So here, a 12 month business listing starts at just £39 (inc. VAT)

That’s less than 11p a day

Even our most expensive ‘Premium’ listing package is less than 28p a day.

Which (quick fact) is less than the RRP on a Freddo!


Please note: I’m not suggesting for a minute that you ditch your daily chocolate reward, but spending an equal sum on your business will give you a warm fuzzy feeling too. 


Image credit: Cadbury

Which promotion package would suit you?

Standard Listing

£39.00 inc. VAT

Keep it nice and simple with a standard listing. A no-fuss, full-featured business listing that gets your business in front of The Online Gift Guide audience quick!

  • 1 listing submission.
  • Valid for 12 months.
  • Access to all business listing features.
  • Unlimited edits.
  • Help articles & resources to boost your listing.

Advanced Listing

£69.00 inc. VAT

Boost your visibility in The Online Gift Guide with an Advanced Listing. A full-featured business listing plus one event & one offer listing to show more of what makes you special.

  • 3 listing submissions.
  • Valid for 12 months.
  • Access to all business listing features.
  • Unlimited edits.
  • Help articles & resources to boost your listings.
  • 1 of each listing type: business, event & offer.
  • Saves £48 on the individual listing price! 

Premium Listing

£99.00 inc. VAT

Stay at the top of buyer's minds with the Premium Listing. A full-featured business listing & the chance to add a new event/offer every month. Non-stop promotion all year!

  • 13 listing submissions.
  • Valid for 12 months.
  • Access to all business listing features.
  • Unlimited edits.
  • Help articles & resources to boost your listing.
  • 1 business listing & 1 new Offer or Event listing every month.
  • 30-day 'Promotional Key' listing boost worth £30*
  • Saves £408 on the individual listing price!
* Available for a limited time only

Not quite sure?

I do understand that you might be wary, it’s another new thing to learn, another job on the “to do” list. 

So if you have a go and don’t like what you see, you’ve got 30 days to change your mind.

If you find listing your business difficult or decide a year’s worth of promotion is not for you, that’s OK, you will be able to request a refund.

Ready to help gift seekers find your business?

  1. Choose a business listing & plan.
  2. Fill out the details of your shop.
  3. Securely pay the low annual fee.

P.S. How many times do your ideas need to be seen before they make an impact?

If you aren’t getting as many sales as you want (or need), you’re not alone. 

eCommerce expert Tanner Larsson reported that the average % of buyers for an eCommerce website is 1%. That’s one person for every 100 that visit a site actually make a purchase. 

That low figure might be explained to some degree by the fact people research before they buy. 

Google have called this phenomenon the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT). 

It’s the idea that a customer will have multiple “touchpoints” with your business before they buy. 

With each touchpoint they’re building those “know, like and trust” values we talked about earlier. 

Research suggests you’ll need to reach out to customer 3-5 times for buyers that know you and 8-12 for those who are new to your business. 

With The Online Gift Guide I want the card & gift industries to band together to keep creating “touchpoints” with consumers.

With your own Shop Profile there are no limits.
You can reach customers all year long at no extra cost.